What should you pack for vacations in Chania

What should you pack for a trip to Chania?

Summer is finally here and you are already planning every detail of your vacation. Or maybe you are one of those people that prefer last minute decisions. Either way this article is for you: What you should pack when coming to Chania for the first time? Crete combines literally everything ! Crystal clear water at every beach, high mountain , lakes . So are you an adventurous traveler or seeking for some relaxation, Crete is for you!

First things first, if you are travelling with only one baggage, then space is precious and you need to make some real decisions based on your number of days you would be staying and the things you would like to do while in Chania. If you are a lucky one with more than one baggage you can even pack your entire wardrobe with you !

The basic one : 

sunscreen, UV protection sunglasses, beach towel sand proof, flip flops, 2 bathing suits (because one is never enough), contact lenses and solution, one light jacket sometimes in the night gets chilly. 

The adventurous one : 

sneakers for hiking, mosquito repellent, water bottle refiller, hat , daypack, GoPro.

The Family one:

kid medicines, mini first aid kit, baby carrier/car seat ( ask your hotel , many times they can provide you with one ).

Things you don’t need to pack, instead you can buy once you arrive : mask and fins, umbrella for the beach, beach toys, beach towel, selfie stick