5 beaches you must visit in Chania in 2021

Is this your first time at Chania? Then this article is for you !

When you are planning your vacations, the first thing to do is googling what to do in this city. But in Google no one will tell you the secrets and tips that only locals know.

Here is our top 5 list for beaches to visit and what to look for:

1. Elafonissi / Kedrodasos

  The first trip that is a must, is an one-day trip to Elafonisi. This pink sand beach, with the lakes and the endless blue waters is one of the most popular beaches in Crete and in Greece worldwide. 

   Make sure to visit this beach in months with less tourists in the area like April , May and starting June or end September, otherwise prepare yourself for crowds and no space to place your umbrella or rent one. If you like less crowded beaches you can visit the Kedrodasos beach, which is close to Elafonisi and they share the same crystal clear waters but only locals know .  

 For your one day trip prepare your lunch for you and for your family because the closest to food is a canteen nearby. If you have your own car be careful of the bumpy road and the reckless local drivers on the way. If you don’t have your own car you need to be in the central Chania bus station to take the bus from there. The lucky guests of Royal Sun hotel can enjoy private trips to Elafonisi with a pick up from our hotel early in the morning and their breakfast in a packet to-go and return back to the hotel in the evening. 

2. Balos/ Gramvousa

Balos is also one of the standard choices for beach to visit and you can access it in two ways:

If you have your car : driving there and then you need to climb down the mountain for 15 minutes until you reach the sand.

Otherwise by renting a boat trip from Kissamos port, that gets you first to the shipwreck of Gramvousa beach and then finishes in Balos beach where you spend the rest of the day until the afternoon that leaves again. You can book your trip to Balos and Gramvousa from our hotel directly and pick you up early in the morning and return you in the evening back at the hotel.

3. Falassarna

If you like water sports and crystal clear waters then this is your spot ! Make sure you stay until the sunset at this beach to enjoy the magical sunset, when the sun dives into the water. If you like popular spots make sure to sit at Liokalyvo beach bar, good music, local flavors and top service.

4. Seitan Limania

Only 19km from Royal Sun hotel this is a beach known only to locals, but the last 2 years it became viral in social media for the uniqueness and the clear waters. There is a parking space for your car and then you only need to climb down the mountain for 5 minutes, so bring your sneakers with you . But it is worth it!

Tip : go early in the morning when it’s not crowded for the best pictures!

5. Glyka Nera

If you are staying more days in Chania, then renting a boat to go to Glyka Nera beach is the best option for you . Right next to the small village of Loutro, where you can spend a night or two, this beach gives you the ultimate privacy to enjoy some peacefulness.