It’s coffee o’clock!

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Attibassi Premium Coffee Blends for our top floor cafeteria with panoramic view of beautiful Chania city and for our morning breakfast buffet . Since 1918 Attibassi has been synonymous with high quality, passed down from one generation to another, for 100 total years of experience.

Nowadays this historic company based in Bologna offers, through its range of gourmet products, only highly selected coffee from plantations in Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Guatemala and Colombia, which undergoes sophisticated processing.

The Attibassi brand, arising from the passion for craftsmanship of Agostino Atti and Marco Bassi, guarantees quality and pleasure for the palate in all its products by selecting the best raw materials and using cutting-edge processing techniques. The entire production is based on an essential combination of human experience and modern industrial processes.

We are looking forward to you trying it out and tell us what your opinion is.