How will your stay at a hotel change after COVID-19?

Summer vacation is near and everyone is wondering : “Is it safe to stay at a hotel anymore?”

The answer is not that simple. Even though every country has already adjusted to the new reality with strict regulations for everyone, the number of cases worldwide is still on the rise. Vaccines are out, but it will take time until everyone is feeling safe again.

Countries, such as Greece, have controlled and subdue the number of daily cases, creating a much friendlier environment to travel. Nevertheless, the tourist industry will never be the same after this is over.

This situation has forced all businesses to adjust rapidly into a new reality. These reformations were necessary not only for the business to survive during 2020 but also as a corporate social responsibility towards society and the greater good.

On the one hand, hotels had to follow unprecedented protocols for the first time, under a lot of pressure, but the majority accomplished it successfully.

Hygiene was always considered one of the major characteristics of a hotel. During this pandemic, it became number one priority to provide top level hygiene services . Equipped with hot steam cleaning machines, air purifiers and constant supervision, hygiene was never better than it is now.

Furthermore, the safety of the staff, which is working daily in an environment of  (traditionally) constant contact and communication with others, is crucial. Every employee needs to feel safe to fully execute their job description providing perfect services. Secondly, the same applies for the guest, who also needs to feel safe and well treated, while staying at a hotel. Hotels are like a car engine, everything has to run smoothly and steady in order to feel safe to drive in it. Corona was like a big bump in the ride, causing major problems to the car engine. It is our duty to make all the needed adjustments so that the drivers (aka staff) and the passengers sitting next to them (aka guests) are feeling safe to ride in it again.

Moreover, operational systems like online check-in, check-in machines at the Receptions, placing your restaurant order online and managing your hotel experience online ,like booking trips/tickets, have been upscaling the overall guest experience with a little touch of “magical” technology.

In general, everyone is well informed and careful regarding personal hygiene and measurements against the spread of the virus.

On the other hand, it is normal that people are afraid to go on vacation when hearing terrible news, like the number of cases rising everyday. The safety and wellbeing of each one of us is the priority now, and it is for the best that a lot of people are considering postponing their vacation until next summer. Also, there are still a lot of hotels and other businesses that are lacking the basic measurements, creating fear and doubt to every tourist in the area.

So the answer to the main question “ Is it safe to stay at a hotel? ” or “ Is it safe to travel again? ” is still questionable and different depending on the person you are asking.

The one thing I know for sure is that when this is over, I am taking long term vacations with an one-way ticket to the first destination in my bucket list!