The health and safety of our customers and staff is always a top priority of our Hotel. The Hotel has implemented, in accordance with the guidelines of the European Union and the Greek Government against the spread of the virus, the appropriate procedures for safeguarding the our customers and staff, while customers stay at the Hotel. Therefore, it is essential that all customers and visitors who use the Hotel’s facilities strictly follow the measures and instructions provided by the Hotel, in order to prevent infection and transmission of viruses as much as possible.

Personal hygiene and measurements against the spread:

  1. During your stay at the Hotel you must comply with all the relevant health measures including social distance (at least 1,5m), the disinfection of the hands and the use of protective face masks.
  2. The staff has been informed about personal hygiene measures and daily equipment is provided for their individual protection in the workplace (disposable protective mask or protective blinds, disposable gloves, protective disposable robes)
  3. Staff receive a weekly self-test to prevent contamination in the workplace.
  4. Antiseptic distributor (stable and not) is provided in each public area and is available to everyone
  5. There are signs for social distancing  and  use of a mask in public areas.
  6. There are signs for proper hand washing process and use of antiseptic in sinks and fixed antiseptic distributors.
  7. Encourage customers and staff to use ladders and avoid congestion in elevators.

Hotel archive and Case Book

  1. For public health issues, the hotel management keeps a record of the staff members and all persons staying at the hotel (name, nationality, date of arrival and departure, contact details such as address, telephone, e-mail), for communicating close relatives/people of any COVID-19 patient, which may be identified afterwards.
  2. At Royal Sun we care and insure your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we inform you that we keep the file for reasons of Public Health.
  3. Finally, there is an official book of cases at the hotel’s Reception.


  1. The employees of the hotel have received training from the Medical School of the University of Crete on issues of: personal hygiene and protection, information about the virus and its spread and safety in the workplace.
  2. Frequent hand washing and distance between employees and staff are reminded and observed.
  3. The hotel provides protective equipment (masks, gloves and protective robe) for the safety of its staff.
  4. We provide frequent informative sessions on the updated state of the virus and new announcements.
  5. In case of illness, they inform the health officer so that they can leave the workplace.It is recommended to stay at home isolation. They are returned to the workplace only after 14 days or after a negative virus test.
  6. In case of a positive self test, the employee informs the person in charge and remains out of the workplace for 14 days in quarantine.


  1. Use of protective glass-plexiglass, configuration of space and furniture with floor markings for keeping distances and use of protective masks during check-in.
  2. Full information of the guests during the check in process and information brochure posted everywhere.
  3. We provide a disposable protective mask to tenants during the check-in process when they do not own it.
  4. Fixed antiseptic dispenser at all hotel entrances.
  5. We provide the possibility of online check in up to one day before your arrival, in which you can fill in all the necessary personal information and upon arrival simply pick up the room key.
  6. Possibility of quick check in at the Reception entrance from a tablet.
  7. Extended check-in and check-out time between stays. Check-out until 11:00 a.m. and check-in from 14:00 p.m. The time between each check-in and check-out ensures that between different customers the room is cleaned, thoroughly disinfected and adequate natural ventilation is followed.
  8. It is forbidden for outside visitors to enter the tenants’ rooms.The Housekeeping service is adjusted at the request of the customer who decides during the check in, whether he wants daily room cleaning or not.
  9. Signing a relevant document with all the above, where the customer acknowledges that he has learned about the prevention measures and the protocol of the accommodation and that they will be kept by him and the company to ensure Public Health.


  1. The cleaning service uses the appropriate equipment such as a protective mask, disposable robe and protective gloves while working.
  2. After removing the protective equipment, it is necessary to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water and to dispose all the possible infected equipment  in a closed sealed bin.
  3. All hard surfaces, floors, chairs, knobs, etc. are cleaned and disinfected with disposable cloths / fabrics or cleaning paper and mop with detachable heads and then with a steam cleaner at 70oC.
  4. Rooms are naturally ventilated before visitors arrive for at least 3 hours.
  5. According to the law, the rooms are cleaned every 3 days.
  6. According to the law, the daily change of clothing and towels is abolished. The customer has the right to request clean towels upon request at Reception.
  7. For cleaning and disinfection in the event of a crash: all surfaces that may have been contaminated and all objects contaminated with body fluids are washed and disinfected according to the above instructions, cleaning staff uses a surgical mask, gloves and a waterproof robe.During the cleaning process the housekeeping staff does not touch his face with his hands, does not smoke, does not eat, after removing the protective equipment takes care of its proper disposal and meticulous washing of hands with soap and water.
  8. Sanitary services are being strengthened in all public areas, especially in “high risk” facilities/surfaces.
  9. Shared multi-purpose items are removed from the rooms.
  10. A special disposable cover (zipper) is placed on the TV controls and the air conditioner remote control and telephones after their disinfection.
  11. The fabric surfaces are cleaned with a steam device (temperature> 70.).
  12. Liquid antiseptics are placed in each room for indoor use.

Kitchen / restaurant

  1. Compliance with HACCP and ISO 22000 rules by kitchen staff.
  2. Pick-up of supplies from a designated exterior area and only from the hotel staff.
  3. Parking  for suppliers and collection only using protective mask and gloves.
  4. It is forbidden for outside visitors to enter the kitchen area.
  5. Keeping distance between kitchen staff.
  6. The possibility of ordering intact via QR code is also available.
  7. The breakfast buffet is served from 07:30 to 10:30. The serving (buffet, coffee, juice, etc.) is done only by the staff who bring the appropriate MAP.
  8. A fixed antiseptic distributor is available in all common areas.
  9. The room is contactless with the use of protective mask and gloves without entering the room.
  10. Six (6) people as the maximum number of people sitting at a table.
  11. There is no limit in the case of a family with minor children.
  12. The minimum distances between the tables are applied according to the layout of the seats.


  1. The gym is used exclusively by hotel guests.
  2. It is cleaned daily and depending on the current situation in the city (whether it is in lockdown or normal) the gym is adapted.
  3. The gym is open from 09:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 21:00.


  1. The hotel pool is used exclusively by hotel guests.
  2. Distances between seats and sunbeds based on approved measures.
  3. We recommend a hot shower before and after using the pool.
  4. PHA measurements and chlorination tablets are used daily for proper pool maintenance and cleaning.
  5. Packed towels are provided at the Reception with a guarantee of 10 euros per towel, money returned with the return of the towel. The service is available only to pool occupants and users where towels are returned for use after washing, disinfection and packaging.

Public areas

  1. Natural ventilation of common areas.
  2. Fixed disinfection distributors in public areas, toilets and outdoor areas.
  3. We urge hotel guests and staff to avoid using elevators.
  4. Signs for personal hygiene and social distancing measures.
  5. Reconstruction of space and furnitures for distance maintenance.
  6. Floor markings for distance maintenance.
  7. Frequent and meticulous cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces.

Protocol in case of a suspected patient

  1. The hotel health officer communicates with the hotel’s associate doctor who is available 24h. The doctor is called for a personal medical appointment with the tenant, charged on the patient . If deemed necessary, a COVID-19 test is performed and if it is positive, EODY is immediately informed about the declaration of the case and instructions are given to deal with it.
  2. It is recommended to the suspicious case that the tenant stays in his room with the door of the room closed and no contact with other people.
  3. A patient who has symptoms of a respiratory infection (cough, sneezing, runny nose), a simple surgical mask and tissues are given immediately.
  4. If there is a companion with the patient, who wishes to stay close to him to take care of him, it is recommended that he remain in solitary confinement until further notice.
  5. Avoid entering the patient’s room if there is no significant reason.
  6. Used protective equipment is discarded in a covered trash can and is not reused.After discarding the protective equipment, hand washing follows.
  7. The Management takes care that there is sufficient consumable material for the prevention of infections to be immediately accessible to the hotel staff:soap and water or alcoholic hand cleaning solution, tissues, simple surgical masks, disposable gloves, thermometers, garbage bags, surface cleaning fluids.
  8.  If the patient shows severe symptoms, he is taken directly with an ambulance to a medical facility.

If an employee meets the COVID-19 case definition criteria, the following applies:

  1. The health manager of the hotel communicates directly with EODY for a statement of the suspected case and instructions for dealing with it.
  2. It is recommended in the suspicious case to remain in his home isolation until further notice. The employee can only return to his workplace after 14 days or a proof of a negative test of COVID-19.
  3. In a patient who has symptoms of a respiratory infection (cough, sneezing, runny nose), a simple surgical mask and tissues are given immediately.
  4. An investigation is being carried out into possible exposure of other employees or customers and they are being asked to follow the instructions of EODY.
  5. All surfaces are disinfected with emphasis on the workplace and the equipment used in the possible case.